CNBLUE first Album will be release!!

Kita masih belum tahu kalau mereka akan rilis album di jepang atau korea, karena berita ini di dapet dari situs jepang.

It has been decided that CNBLUE will be releasing their first album on the 20th of March (Saturday).
The title will be ThankU.
During the second mini album recording, one of the member (Jonghyun) original song “Arigatou” (Thank You in Japanese) that has been sang before in a live will also be in the album. Together it will make 12 tracks in total.
Please wait for it till the release day!

It has also been decided to hold an One Man Live at the same time the album is release.

CNBLUE 1st Album Release live ~ThankU~-
Date: 2010/3/20 (Saturday)
Time: 17:00/5pm (OPEN time) ; 18:00/6PM (STARTING time)
Hall: Shibuya Club Quattro []
Ticket price: 4,500yen (Only when you reserved before the day)
*4 tickets can be reserved per person.
*You can order a 500Yen drink when you book before.

Further, please refrain from asking information about the hall and the current status.
Ticket reservation methods will be post tomorrow with more details.

Terlepas dari album itu akan rilis di jepang atau korea, author tetep seneng kalau CN BLUE akan ngeluarin album baru.

Cr: CNBLUE Japanese blog ; Snowy @

2 Responses to “CNBLUE first Album will be release!!”
  1. ximie says:

    ini album ya?
    uwa… setelah rilis beberapa mini album , finally cn blue ngeluarin album juga πŸ™‚
    we will wait it !

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