CN Blue’s Scheduleor March (so far)

baru nemu yang sejauh ini..
gak pa-pa yahh^^

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Tuesday, 2nd March – [Recording] Mnet Radio (CN Blue)
Wednesday, 3rd March – [Broadcast] SBS Vancouver Olympics Special “Congratulations Show” (CN Blue)
[Broadcast] Mnet CNBluetory (CN Blue)
Thursday, 4th March – [Broadcast] Mnet M!Countdown (CN Blue, no MC)
[Recording] GOMTV O4U Fanmeeting (CN Blue)
Friday, 5th March – GOMTV O4U Fan Meeting (CN Blue) **
[Broadcast] KBS Music Bank (CN Blue)
Saturday, 6th March – [Broadcast] Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate (CN Blue)
[Broadcast] MBC Music Core (CN Blue)
Sunday, 7th March – [Broadcast] SBS Inkigayo
Thursday, 11th March – [Broadcast] Mnet M!Countdown (MC Minhyuk!)

Japan Schedule – Saturday, 20th March – [Concert] CN Blue 1st Album “ThankU” Live!!! (in Shibuya’s Club Quattro)

cr: iluvemdan@soompi

2 Responses to “CN Blue’s Scheduleor March (so far)”
  1. Minmi says:

    Min hyuk jd mc lagi? Hahahai

  2. alex says:

    lee jung hyun&kang minhyuk
    you are so cuteeee

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