(Preview)C.N Blue ThankU Album & Download

Baru juga preview uda keleper2 dengar ini lagu…
bagus banget! masi dengan style CNBlue yang enerjik!
hayo dengerin…

C.N Blue – Thank U
Release Date: 2010.03.20
Genre: Rock
Language: English, Japanese

01 Intro
02 Let’s Go Crazy
03 Love Revolution
04 Wanna be Like U
05 Never too late
06 Now or Never
07 voice
08 Just Please
09 Y, Why
10 Teardrops in the Rain
11 One of a Kind
12 a.ri.ga.tou.

kalu yang ini rada lembut…
akustik buat intro awal.. genjrengan gitar gitu *suka banget gw lagu beginian..xD*

cr: kaboomzaYO


cr: kabooomzaYO&cnbluestrom
hunting by: chaeri_aegessi@cnblogindo

One Response to “(Preview)C.N Blue ThankU Album & Download”
  1. Minmi_minhyuk says:

    Mw donlot pi gw ol liwat hape T_T

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