[UFO] Yonghwa and Jonghyun

[To Yong Hwa] Oppa, did you do well the Japan concert? I missed you.
[Yong Hwa] It was so good. I liked it most among all concerts I’ve done

(Yong Hwa didn’t reply at all for about 2 weeks. He finally sent a short reply last night. He must be very busy for practicing and recording.)

Min Hyuk oppa, I envy your fans, Oppa’s replies are always full of sincerity. You must be an angel.
[Jong Hyun] But he is a devil.

[Jong Hyun] Jong Hyun Oppa, I’m in school now, I’m so sleepy. Give me energy.
[Jong Hyun] If you sleep, you get stabbed in the back by the teacher.

cr:as tagged +lyna@cnbluestorm
re-upload by anggie witchsnitch@cnblogindo


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