CN Blue Fansclub New Candidates

This is FNC Music’s fan club manager.

We will reveal the 5 ideas that were chosen
During the month of April, after the one done in March.

1. BLUE Nation
– BLUE + Nation (Country), this means that we are citizens of the BLUE Nation
It is a fanclub name showing that we are citizens of CNBLUE.

2. Boice
– It is a mix between the words Blue + Voice, and it is written as Boice
CNBLUE = Music / Fan = Voice
CNBLUE sings the music, and the Voice of Music can’t be perfect
Because in CNBLUE’s music Fan (Voice) can’t be perfect
We decided to name it Boice because of the fanclub is always with CNBLUE, and the fan club is CN BLUE’s voice

3. Dear
– Has the meaning of being polite, friendly, lovely, and cute. It has the meaning of having a polite, friendly, lovely, and cute between CNBLUE and fans.

4. Decorder
– The password hackers that will hack the Code Name BLUE

5. Make me high (MECCA)
– Using the phrase that YongHwa-goon uses often, “CNBLUE Makes Me High,” it is a phrase that fans are excited for CNBLUE’s music.
– MECCA – Short word version of Makes Me High, its a word hoping that CNBLUE will become the center of music, like the MECCA city.

A total of 5 nominees have been chosen.
There were a lot of names with the word BLUE,
Since we chose the better ones out of the ones that were sent,
We hope that many of the CNBLUE fans will participate.

[Voting Time]
2010.04.19 ~ 2010.04.21 (For 3 days)

[Voting Post]
Over at CNBLUE’s official cafe café

We would like to thank all the CNBLUE fans that suggested ideas
And we hope that you will think with consideration about that fanclub name that will be face for CNBLUE.

We hope that a lot of the CNBLUE fans will participate.
Thank you.
source: FnC Music

Translation: aoistars @ CodeAzzurro

re-upload by anggieholic

5 Responses to “CN Blue Fansclub New Candidates”
  1. etqabumma says:

    i love MECCA 🙂

  2. dania moe says:

    i like blue nation

  3. dania moe says:

    how about ocean?? it blue right
    i just give my oppinion

  4. elftodie21 says:

    i like BLUE NATION^^
    knapa gak sekalian BLUE SKY aja ya…perasaan dulu rumornya mo BLUE SKY hehhehe

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