Official Fansclub Name ‘BOICE’

Akhirnya… Akhirnya… Kita punya nama… hehhehe….

Final decision is BOICE

ini adalah tulisan resmi dari FnC


This is FNC Music’s fan club manage

Finally! The long-awaited decision for CNBlue’s Fan Club is now confirmed.

The fan club name was decided on by a running poll, with 2 rounds of voting, choosing from 6 probable name candidates.

The FNC Music staff and CNBlue reflected upon it, asking opinnions from each one.

22 members of the combined FNC Staff and CNBlue reached a majority decision.

Everybody has great expectations for the fan club name, and now it is going to be revealed to the public.

BOICE is the official fan club name for CNBlue.

Boice is a combination of CNBLUE and VOICE.

CNBlue = Music/ Fans = Voice

The beautiful music of CNBlue would not be possible without the voice of the fans.

CNBlue and its music would always need the necessary Voice of the CNBLue fans, to exist, and thus the name BOICE was decided upon.

Boice is to be pronounced as “Voice.”

CNBlue future in music would be beautiful with “Boice.”

We pray that you will continuously pay support to the group.

We appreciate it!

Thank you!

Source: CNBLUE Official Korean Site
Translated by knucklepink@cnbluestorm
Posted by Lyna@cnbluestorm

Apapun hasilnya kita harus menerimanya….
karena itu nama yang di berikan CN Blue buat kita…
ingat loh setelah menjadi 3 besar FnC dan CNBlue lah yang memilih…
so Proud to be BOICE… becouse Yonghwa said: “BOICE Makes Me High”

5 Responses to “Official Fansclub Name ‘BOICE’”
  1. hyeonhangeng says:

    so Proud to be BOICE… becouse Yonghwa said: “BOICE Makes Me High”

  2. noela says:

    ..hello..!!! finally you decided that BOICE is the name of our CNBLUE’S FAN CLUB…heheheeheeheh…don’t worry i will continuously support the group..hehehehee!!!

  3. elftodie21 says:

    im a BOICE now??horrrraaaaayyyyyyyy!!!

  4. kareen says:

    gimana caranya gabung BOICE? pengen bangeeeeet apalagi kalo ada gathering gituu

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