CN Blue is Ready to Tackle a Multinational Tour and Prove Themselves as a Band

CN Blue, who steamed up the k-pop scene in January with their hit I’m a Loner, has returned with title track Love, from their new mini-album Blue Love. And Love promises to be a much sweeter and brighter sound than I’m a Loner. It’s easy to melt under the fresh sounds of CN Blue.

Jung YongHwa, CN Blue’s leader, said:
Love is a song with a cool feel. It was fun and exhilirating for us just by rehearsing and singing Love. It has a rap and a melody line. We embraced a twist on heavy metal. It’s an addicting song.

CN Blue revealed, “Love was easier to rehearse than I’m a Loner. Compared to I’m a Loner, where there were a lot of beats and variations, the refreshing Love is a lot more fun for the listeners.”

CN Blue, who paid severely early in their debut for a plagiarism accusation over I’m a Loner, will be carrying out their Japanese promotions and their new Korean album simultaneously, showing off their dedication and passion to their work. The members explained that they had been working on their album recordings nonstop, even the night before this interview, revealing, “We started recording right after we ended promotions for our first album. We started preparations during I’m a Loner activities. We had no time to spare. We recorded yesterday too.”

At the end of April, CN Blue held a performance in Japan in a venue with a 1,000-seat capacity. They haven’t been able to play in a large concert such as that in Korea so it was true that they were nervous. Drummer Kang MinHyuk added, “The difference between the audiences? We don’t feel much of a difference. It seems that enjoying and happily listening to the music are the common factors.”

Lee JongHyun, on the other hand, spoke with maturity, “Whenever I go to Japan, I think, ‘I’m going to learn something’. I learn a lot from it.”

CN Blue further revealed their plans for a packed schedule throughout Asia this coming year,

“We’re releasing another album in Japan next month. We’re going to strive forward with our Korean album promotions for now, and then we’re going to Japan at the end of June for a concert. We’re planning to hit up Southeast Asia this coming August. We’re trying to do a lot of concerts for now.”

But CN Blue isn’t hosting concerts just in Japan. On July 31, during the muggy summer, CN Blue is scheduled to perform at the Melon AX Hall for their Korean fans. CN Blue hinted, “We’re actively pitching ideas for concerts. With music as the main focus, we’re working hard to show everyone everything there is to us.”

Everytime CN Blue sees their loving and protective fans, the reality hits them: “we really did debut”. This pushes them to strive for their fans.

CN Blue expressed,

“This is the start. If we showed everyone ‘we’re these type of kids’ through our first album, now we’re taking our first step. Honestly, it was a really big burden. The bar is set high. Since we’ve got to work to satisfy that expecation, we work even harder to create good music. Each member’s favorite genre is different, we’re working to combine a variety of things under our band mold.”

So what does CN Blue want to achieve with this album? They want to get rid of the general prejudice against bands.

“The majority of people think of heavy metal or heavy music when they hear the word ‘band’. They are a lot of people who ask, ‘Are you guys really a band?’ But a band’s music has a variety of flavors. The sound can be even softer than our current sound. We want to show everyone that a band can play diverse music too.”

CN Blue defined their new album as a “pastel tone”. It’s not too raw or too strong but shows the perfect blend of each member’s style. They want to revolutionize the Asian music scene and bring in the distinct flare of a true band.

cr : kpoplive


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