[PIC] Sonny Ericsson Xperia Photoshot

image3j.png (94 KB)image0d.png (21 KB) ImageHost.org image1t.png (21 KB) image2pb.png (21 KB) image4pt.png (26 KB) image5al.png (25 KB) image6h.png (26 KB) image7m.png (28 KB)

1024x768u.jpg (160 KB) 1024x768wy.jpg (218 KB) 1280x1024a.jpg (232 KB) 1280x1024s.jpg (325 KB) x10ss01.png (310 KB) x10ss02.png (299 KB) x10ss03.png (297 KB) x10ss04.jpg (244 KB) x10ss05.png (547 KB) x10ss06.png (558 KB) x10ssyh01.png (115 KB) x10ssyh02.png (177 KB) x10ssyh03.png (112 KB) x10ssyh04.png (161 KB) x10ssyh05.png (193 KB) x10ssyh06.png (165 KB)

x10posterb1.jpg (1.2 MB) x10posterb2.jpg (1.2 MB)

cr: Xperia.co.kr
shared by pennylanechic@codeazzurro +anggiewitchsnitch@cnblogindo

One Response to “[PIC] Sonny Ericsson Xperia Photoshot”
  1. ny.kim says:

    wah keren-keren… makasih yah udah berbagi. serasa dapet hadiah, padahal Yong Hwa yang ulang tahun hehe…

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