CNBlue New Year Greetings

Source: DCinside
Shared by keepfalling@CNBLUEsoompi

To. Boice v
벌써 2011 년이네요… / It’s already year 2011…
꼭 이루실 꿈이 있다면 이루시길! / If you have a dream you really want to make come true, may you do!
새해 복 많이 받으세요. v I love U / Happy new year.

To. Boice (B-like heart)
모두 같이 열심히 살아보세~ / All together let’s live hard~

To. Boice!
보이스 여러분! / Dear Boice!
2011 새해에는 항상 즐겁고 행복한 일들만 가득하세요!! / In 2011 new year, be full of joyful and happy things!!
Happy New Year~!
CNBLUE 만의 voice! / voice of only CNBLUE
Boice 사랑해요 ~ / I love you

To. Boice 님들 / Dear Boice!
여러분~! 2010 정말 감사했구요~ / Everyone~! Thank you so much for your support 2010~
2011년도 열심히 할테니까! 여러분도 ♡♡ / I will work hard in 2011 too!
건강하게 저희 응원 많이 해주세요 ~! ♡♡♡♡ / Please be healthy and support us a lot ~!

Translations by saturn@CNBLUEsoompi thread
source: cnbluestorm
re-posted+re-upload: 南 アイコ@cnblogindo


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