[News] Goguma Couple Ad On Korean Newspaper

The first part of the ad reads “Until the whole world becomes bright through Yonghwa’s passion and Seohyun’s dreams, CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun, we cheer on your bright future.” The heartfelt message continues with “As the beginning and end are all one, the knot that symbolizes the beginning has been tied strong, and after a long journey we have come back to the ending knot.” “Because the Goguma couple has considered even such a small bond (rough translation of the Korean word for “Yinyeon”) as significant we believe that both of you will show the best in your respective places.” Sadly, the loved couple will end their journey this coming April 2nd.

Source: ENS News, http://www.metroseoul.co.kr
repost by AnggieWitchsnitch@cnblogindo

2 Responses to “[News] Goguma Couple Ad On Korean Newspaper”
  1. amaliaameel says:

    bakal kangen banget sama WGM … 😦 gak ada lagi main main ke dorm cnblue, dll 😦

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