[Twitter] CNBLUE Having Good Time at MSoundPlex (09.04.2011)

오늘엠넷사운드플렉스!최고의무대에서최고의관객여러분과함께해서너무좋았습니다!!왠지편한분위기에더좋은노래들려드릴수있었던것같아요~정원영 교수님 께서 음악적조언도해주시고 경림이누나도 너무 편하게 이끌어주셔서 너무 좋았어요. 감사드려요~~ㅎㅎ담엔더큰곳에서더많은분들과함께하고싶어요~~오늘오신분들모두조심히가세요 ! 감사합니다!


Today Mnet Soundplex! We had a really good time on the best stage with the best audience!! Somehow I think musics are better heard in a more comfortable atmosphere. Prof JungWon gave us musical advice and Kyungrim nuna also led the show very comfortably. Thank you~~ We would like to do a show in a much bigger place with more audience next time~~ To those of you who came to the show today, have a safe trip home! Thank you.

Credits: CNBLUE_4@twitter

Translations by: blue_jus7@codeazzurro

Re-posted by: burningvoice@cnbluestorm

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