[Update] CNBLUE’s schedule this week

04.18 [Broadcast] SBS Night After Night 11:05 PM (YongHwa)
04.18 [Recording] MNet Director’s Cut season 2 (JongHyun, JungShin)
04.19 [Broadcast] SBS Strong Heart 11:15 PM (YongHwa, JungShin/recorded on March 31st)
04.19 [Recording] KBS Sketchbook (CNBLUE)
04.21 [Broadcast] MNet M!Countdown 6:00 PM (CNBLUE)
04.21 [Broadcast] KBS Happy Together 11:05 PM (YongHwa/recorded on April 9th)
04.21 [Radio] MBC Shindong Park Gyuri Simsimtapa 12:05 AM (JongHyun, JungShin)
04.22 [Broadcast] KBS Music Bank 6:05 PM (CNBLUE)
04.22 [Broadcast] MTV The Show 7:30 PM (CNBLUE/recorded on April 12th)
04.22 [Broadcast] KBS Sponge ZERO 8:50 PM (JungShin/recorded on April 8th)
04.22 [Radio] KBS Cool FM Sukira 10:00 PM (JongHyun, JungShin)
04.22 [Recording] SBS Night After Night (YongHwa)
04.23 [Broadcast] MBC Music Core 4:05 PM (CNBLUE)
04.23 [Broadcast] MNet MSoundplex 11:55 PM (CNBLUE)
source: cnblue.co.kr
via cnguitarfreak@twitter


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