Untuk sekarang kita punya 3 Banner, kalian bisa pilih sendiri yang kalian suka….

Banner akan kita perbaiki biar lebih baik….

Kalau mau affiliates bisa reply disini…

sebelumnya mohon banner kita di pasang duluan yaa


<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”CNBlogIndo” /></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”CNBlogIndo” /></a>

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”CNBlogIndo” /></a>

want to be our friends? comment and Add your URL here…

CNBlogIndo Friends ::

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52 Responses to “Affiliates”
  1. ღLuRVeHeeChulღ says:

    exchange with me at
    will add you as soon as you put our banner

  2. oke,, we will add urs on ours..

  3. ღLuRVeHeeChulღ says:

    i’ve added you..
    but, where my banner?

    • i’m so sorry,,
      i’ve put yours, but it didn’t work..
      i’ll try few minutes later or put it in our affiliate page…

  4. ღLuRVeHeeChulღ says:

    maybe you took the wrong one…
    all the html i put there aren’t the same..
    one for the on top..
    2nd and 3rd for fanclub and forum..
    the last one for another subweb..
    sorry for that

    • which one must i put??
      sorry for the mistake…

  5. ღLuRVeHeeChulღ says:

    for the site..the one at the top..
    but, i’ll feel delighted if you put the 2nd and 3rd one too..
    but the must is the top one

    • i’ ll put the top one..
      but what if it didn’t work too??
      i tried to click the banner and i went to your site…
      but it still didn’t seen in my page…T.T

  6. ღLuRVeHeeChulღ says:

    i think you need to do it manually
    the site:
    the icon :

    • i’ll copast 1st url from your page…
      hope it works…

  7. i’ve put yours chingu!! finally it’s works.. haha
    hv twitter acc?? we’ll follow you!

    • ღLuRVeHeeChulღ says:


  8. jahe says:

    <img src=";

    Triple Changjo Indonesia :3

  9. jahe says:

    eh salah coding…
    < img src= ";

    maaf, yang ada spasinya dihapus sendiri ya, entah kenapa codingnya jadi ilang =w=

  10. jahe says:

    hayah entahlah saya gaptek wordpress =))

    pokoknya ini dah:


  11. Akan dipasang scepatnya..
    Jgn lupa banner qt jg yaa..

  12. xinkiss says:

    ikutan ya^^

    site :
    banner :


  13. reii says:

    Tuker affi ^^
    punya sini udah saia pasang

    Income Blue (nama sebelumnya:Blueskynesia)



    • siiippp… siap dipasang…

  14. ღLuRVeHeeChulღ says:

    i would like to affiliate once again..
    inform me when you added mine please

    name: Asian OST Fanatics
    description: Find OST Of Famous Asian Drama & Movie

  15. hai……… name indah-chan

    can u tell me about CN Blue??????????
    please leave u comment in my blog if u want

    i lov CN Blue since i see him (vocal) play in you,re beautiful

    • we love CNBlue too^^
      thx 4 ur visit..

  16. Lyna says:


    I’m Lyna from cnbluestorm. I’ve sent an email to you guys with regards to affiliation.

    If not, we would like to have an affiliation with you guys. Please email us at


    • ok..

  17. kwonsunghee says:

    Ikutan affiliate eah 🙂

    blog: Best of B2st

    banner cnblogindo dlm proses aq pasang ^^

    • siipp..udh d psang..

  18. CNminhyuk says:

    i’m from cnbluefmworld fansite[Thailand]

    if you have project you can contact us to join in : )

    this is my banner


  19. CNminhyuk says:

    sorry , picture isn’t show

    my banner ::

    • we’ve put your banner..
      please put ours on your site too,,

  20. ღLuRVeHeeChulღ says:

    such a long time since i last contact you..
    just would like to ask for your help..
    can you please publish this in your site..
    it’s about us getting 1 year old..
    please,please 🙂

  21. fabulousfour says:

    ikut affiliates yah ^__^

    Blog: SuJuELFone

    oiya, aku uda coba pasang 3 banner nya tapi imagenya uda di delete/move semua, ditunggu kode yg barunya ya 😀 thank you ^^

  22. Eunda Jungsu+ says:

    halooooooooooo ^ ^
    tambahin punya kamiiiii jugaaa

    blog : d’ P S Fanfact
    site :
    banner :

    kami udah masukin punya kalian
    kamsahmanidaaaaaaaa^ ^

    • sudah di pasang.. 🙂

  23. Mohon bantuan afiliasinya yah 🙂


    Terima kasih….

    • sudah chingu..=)

  24. malaysia says:

    hi, we can be a great friend bcoz we are boice~
    so visit my cnblue’s blog n let exchange the affiliates 😛

  25. fcuzed2brian says:

    chingu.. mau tukeran ffiliate dong ^^

    we are now KPOP blog dedicate for INFINITE boys ^^

    blog name : INFINITE SOUL
    url blog :
    link banner :

    banner kalian uda aq pasang ^^

  26. GareMi says:

    we are peruvian boices
    i would like to affiliate here ^^”

    Previously we’ll affiliate them

    thnkz !!

  27. GareMi says:



  28. @fcuzed2brian+Garemi :: done! please put ours on yours too.. thx..

  29. Name : Kiss.Blue.Beast
    Url :
    icon :
    descrp : Serving Boice, B2uty and Kiss Me

  30. angelyesung says:

    banner kalian sudah dipasang di blog kami..
    tukeran banner yaa ^^

    url :
    banner :
    description : from suju to Indonesia..

    thanks before ^^

  31. shugarishaa says:

    mau affiliate yaa

    blog’s name : SHINee and Y.O.U
    blog’s URL :
    banner’s url :

    makasih yaa , nih bannernya udah di pasang

  32. FeeDyA says:

    Halo ^^
    tukeran banner yah …
    banner kalian udah ako masukin diblog ako kok hhe*

    Blog name :: Soshi World
    url ::
    banner ::

    makasih ^^

  33. fcuzed2brian says:

    hi !

    we renew our banner link ! please change it >

    thanks dear~ ^__^

  34. ikha_HaeWon says:


    i’ve been put u’r banner in my page
    so,please exchange with my banner too 🙂
    url :
    banner :


  35. LuV_siwon says:

    name : Shawol – E.L.F Indonesia
    url :
    banner :

    banner km uda d psang d blog kita…..

  36. ekaaputri10 says:

    name : Official B1A4 Indonesia
    url :
    banner :

    affiliate back yaaa 😀

    • ekaaputri10 says:

      • ekaaputri10 says:

        waaaaah gambar kamu udah di remove tuh,. banner nya jadi ngga muncul. ditunggu perbaharuannya 😀

  37. wow so cool

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